phat bis cuits

19-01-2010 040 1

busy times in the workshop today. matt hot stickin' it to the b'd backs beam mounts

19-01-2010 050 1

and jared havin' it with the hotstick in the g'd back

19-01-2010 035

charlies been getting the new csp discs fitted on the early bay this morning

19-01-2010 052

matts also been creative under the front of the goof

19-01-2010 067v

matts got the now modded fuel tank fitted, and being type 3 based the spare wheel is under the front. looking very trick under there

19-01-2010 064 1

charlie of the very charles and tha g'd back

19-01-2010 054

over in the trim shop jon molds fenstudio is now sportin' some bis cuit of phat

19-01-2010 042 1

the joys of country living, mud on the road from some kind big ear'd person. well i think it was mud, i did get some air off it whatever it was

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