da d'z be in da houze

17-01-2010 01011

some newbie action and a sunday morning beaker buff for my girlfriends nb

18-01-2010 013

and the disco daily this morning

18-01-2010 015

another early bay in for some one day lowering and also a brake upgrade too. charlie and jared were straight on it

18-01-2010 022 1

and it wasnt long until charlie was getting it all tracked again. brakes next. for more on the type 2 detectives one day bay window lowering visit www.type2detectives.com

18-01-2010 019 1

its good to have daddy balls back in today after some time off with his new born son and family

18-01-2010 014

and another split in over the weekend for some t2d action. www.type2detectives.com www.t2d-shop.com

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