link pin bay

12-01-2010 018

good to see john who came in this morning to check out his bay window

12-01-2010 021

waiting on the reg'o now

12-01-2010 024

disco of steve has been shut away doing his thing with jays 356

12-01-2010 023

cant wait to see this one when its done. gonna be rollin' hard as

12-01-2010 033

charlie of the charles getting real close and personal with his rocco

 12-01-2010 030

getting a carb issue sorted after work this evening

12-1-2010-01 004p

and thanks to peter day i now have my first piece of a formula 1 engine. this ex honda formula 1 turbo wastegate that peter had from his racing past. not sure whos car it was used on but its a nice piece. made from titanium and aluminium its seen some action. he had some gears from a senna lotus but they may have been misplaced many years ago :-(  


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