t3d narrowed late type 3 squareback

11-01-2010 016

i had some fun on the way to work this morning. due to an accident i got to go the wrong way down the road

11-01-2010 018

very strange feeling

11-01-2010 022

disco steve now be rollin' the sprint stars

11-01-2010 027

the greenbacks looking better for its narrowed beam.  some disco detailed chrome fuch are coming but looking good on burners for now

11-01-2010 019 1

11-01-2010 025

charlie on the fenstudio strip down ready for some dash painting

11-01-2010 028

got some new for 10 dark grey goofback hoodies in www.t2d-shop.com for more t2d apparel


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very strange feeling Not @ all, we do it every day over here, on that site of the road.

Posted by: air-mike | 01/12/2010

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