who be gungster

07-01-2010 040 1

gung- ster paul be slangin' them signs all over the show

07-01-2010 044

and speaking of gung-ster types our man in the fens jon rocked over in his fenstudio which is over for some prep'n in readiness for ninove. its currently having a funkay interior built by those wood genius' over at http://interiormotive.skynetblogs.be/ 

07-01-2010 057

greenbacks getting some attention from paul and the disco boys

07-01-2010 041

pauls been designing and hot stickin' it today

07-01-2010 053

so charlie of the charles was in the office working them phones

07-01-2010 055

and when charlie wasnt on the phone he was getting jons ready for mot tomorrow along with jared seen here dash iddlin' and brent whos out back

07-01-2010 060

disco steves had his split for a good few weeks now so it was time for a wheel change. steve and paul checking some genni sprints out back

07-01-2010 064

then it was time to recreate a pic from some time spent in norway. just not quite as cold. good times

07-01-2010 050

me i've been well busy poootin' on the new and improved t3d website. proper hard work tooo

07-01-2010 058

green bay in for some engine issue rectification

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