17" chrome fuched k70

14-12-2009 040 1

end of day and matts got the first fuch mock up with a little help from disco behind the wheel

14-12-2009 038 1

gonna look very nice indeedy me thinks

14-12-2009 037 1

wayne macs double c has now got its tilt and bows on and is getting the mac fluff tomorrow for a jon mold photo shoot for one of the magazines. www.fenstudios.com

14-12-2009 034

jons got some burner action going on

14-12-2009 023

brents been getting real personal with bes today just dont tell margret

14-12-2009 028

beam off ready for some link pin narrowedness to happen


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Original K70 Variant

Posted by: policeman | 12/15/2009

me see da po leeece me see da pol eeece
hey thanks sargent k70 policeman we too have goolge image search facilities, great aint it. and aint ours better :-)
many greets from beaks

Posted by: beaker | 12/15/2009

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