t2d top secret project k70 e state

02-12-2009 053

deep in the flat land fens in marks hot rod shop the top secret t2d project k70 e state has started

02-12-2009 066

hot rod genius and metal guru mark in classic eye shut pic about to start with the plasma cutter

02-12-2009 064

02-12-2009 052dr1

02-12-2009 058

and of course marks not alone what with the t2d metal meister matt balls there too

K70 .

and they been busy over the last 2 days making the top secret t2d volksworld 2010 project k70 e state, first mock up

K70 ..

and in no time its more e state like. if vw had made a k70 estate it would have looked like this


and thats just the roof :-0 wait till you see what else is going to happen to it. but please you never saw it here on www.beakersblog.com


 thanks to paul and matt for pics :-)

check here for more www.t2d-blog.com and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Type-2-Detectives/711239559... if you facebook


K70 Kombi - Cool!

Posted by: P. | 12/02/2009

Cool project! Gonna be mental just like all your previous builds.
I wanna see you guys build a Razor-wagon! THAT would be sweet!

Posted by: Erwin | 12/03/2009

what the hell have you guys been smoking!??

looking good doods

Posted by: Chopper Tjebbe | 12/03/2009

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