sambas mots and low trailers

02-12-2009 089

the navy samba paid a visit to the mot shop yesterday

02-12-2009 091

where mark did his mot thing and it was all good for a green

02-12-2009 068

up from cornwall for a t2d link pin beam conversion and check the t5 on 22's

02-12-2009 080

it was soon in up and disco was on it

02-12-2009 075

jareds been getting busy with the dual tone early bay

02-12-2009 098

ive been to daventry to the home of brian james to collect the new t2d trailer built for the low rides

02-12-2009 097

it tows soooo much betterer than the last trailer and is so easy to load them low ones :-)

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