animal house of fun times

20-11-2009 043

on the way back from the shop of mot this afternoon i crashed a www.fenstudios.com photo shoot of savs barndoor

20-11-2009 040

looking good and ready for sav to collect tomorrow

20-11-2009 034

seans black one out for the mot today

20-11-2009 032

which it went through with no worries. well once the plate was in the right place :-)

20-11-2009 045

the black and white ones ready for the off tomorrow

20-11-2009 025

another bay in for some t2d one day lowering action

20-11-2009 046

and it was straight in for the action to happen

20-11-2009 048

wheres the green k70 off to?

19-11-2009 022

nearly got the shot. you very nearly got to see a pre launch t2d online shop shot.

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Where waiting and waiting ...........

Posted by: air-mike | 11/22/2009

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