17-11-2009 050

seans van is in and up

17-11-2009 051

with a jared out back doing the service

17-11-2009 052

matts been getting the semaphores working on savs and getting it ready for its mot today. straight through too

17-11-2009 065

charlie and alec have got the black and white bus' new t2d dropped spindles on up front

17-11-2009 067

and box and brakes in and on out back

17-11-2009 066

safaris now in on the mac cab and ready for a rolling road session tomorrow. i'm looking forward to that

17-11-2009 061

t2d tech guru colin was in today getting to grips with the now many compooters in the office. its all gone techno heaven at the mo

17-11-2009-1 003

the beven bus was in this afteroon too


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