the electric lady she say go lower

03-11-2009 023

we had a funny sms call today and the electronic lady she said go lower and narrower

03-11-2009 024

the disco patina faded roof looks even better up close

03-11-2009 037

so on and up it went for the beam to come off ready for the narrow'n to being

03-11-2009 033

jareds done a superb job on the sambas csp disc conv with servo assistance

03-11-2009 034

03-11-2009 022

charlie and alec did another bay in a day

03-11-2009 029

with charlie up front and alec taking care of the rear it dont take long

03-11-2009 030

03-11-2009 031

good work the day bay boys

03-11-2009 021

plans are afoot for the latest t2d project vehicle. and you know t2d its gonna be unique :-)

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new plans for the future! hey mr beaks,

whats goin down in the burhell zone?
any mercho in yet for the scottish troops?
next projekt on the go already eh!!!!!
speak real soon ma southern matie ;-)
oh lastly tell mr ballz that is one serious pondo! ha ha ha

Posted by: richierich | 11/04/2009

its all good down here mr richie
new t's in this week so keep an eye open on the blog and the t2d facebook for more
speak to ya soon fella
greets from da beaks

Posted by: beaker | 11/04/2009

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