today at t2d

31-10-2009 020

i was only checking out the awesome work that neil and mandy have done on wayne macs crewie on their prosign blog this morning then came into work to find it here. and it looks great in the flesh

31-10-2009 022

david collected his recently irs'd mango bus then drove off back to scotland a happy chappy

31-10-2009 027

andy collected his which is now running a t2d 4" narrowed front end with the usual t2d goodies included (doppy spindles etc) and out back its all t2d straight axled

31-10-2009 023

todays saturday cru getting them out this morning

31-10-2009 029

wayne macs k of 70 having the brakes stripped and engine oil changed

31-10-2009 030

someones mk2 gooof in for cam belt/ alt and power steering belt change

31-10-2009 034

which didn't take long with help from ed and the walking haynes manual that is the ballz. muchly appreciated fellas :-)

31-10-2009 032

charlie of the chuckles hidden under craigs

31-10-2009-01 002

matts got his bay in for some more ballz mod'n

31-10-2009 035

and as they go more come in for their slot in the shop

31-10-2009 036

31-10-2009 025

no more funkay roof on savs barndoor

31-10-2009 037

ed lost his lights the other day so spent some time looking for them

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