bug jam 2009 interior motive sunday morning build


sunday morning at bug jam 2009 and its interior motives turn to do thay thang with the tv bus



simon and andy had the camera on them the whole time


it was ok though as more help arrived in the shape of jenk-o-doll and jonny java


they joined joe and simon in the supervisors corner :-)


it all got a bit busier when it was agreed to get the van in the show and shine area. even i got involved for a bit with some cleaning duties


and then in no time it was in and done ready to roll.


paul off of the tv giving it the thumps up


time for some more filming and a well deserved beer


the interior is a double decker as shown by simon


room for two up top and two down below.


driving upto the show and shine area


i gotta say simon and andy have done an awesomley awesome job with the interior. we were all blown away by it. be sure to check their blog http://interiormotive.skynetblogs.be/ and you know who to call if you want a one off bespoke interior www.interiormotiveuk.com. no mdf trees were harmed in the making of this interior

and big ups and massive re spect to urban ian the trim for the excellent stitch work on the seats and cushions, and with a real tight deadline too. what a star


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excellent work guys A big thumbs up from teh K&K crew!
It is just MAD what you guys did. That beer was deserved!

Posted by: maurice klok | 07/22/2009

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