the constant grind. t2d tv bus is coming on nicely nice


nice to see brendan and his bus back in at t2d today


setons and richies. richies is gonna be getting the full bee kay treatment tomorrow in readiness for some bug jam action


ell tel the paint rocked up in his latest ride this very morning. he's now sporting a trekker that he acquired from the leemundenna. terrys added some new wings, done some mot work and repainted it in the camo colours you may or may not be able to see above :-) looking good mr el of tell


stuarts beige auto bay is out and running sweatly


paul and i out in a bay in cambridge town this afternoon. we were recreating or creating a scene from chris p's soon to happen sausage munch tour of europe


chris on the left will be going with his partner karl (not pictured) in chris' latest bay window. they will be using the beaker and puppy masks for speed cameras (i hope thats what they're for)


chris sent me these today on my cell phone


looking good there chris and have a good and safe one with karl. chris will be sending pics from their travels so you'll see more from this pair!! but remember kids its only a mask not the real thing, uncanny as they are


you could say its been kinda noisy today in the workshop what with both el tell and matt grinding and welding like some sorta  possessed magna


and later this afternoon simon and andy from interior motive arrived for a final double double check before the big install in front of the tv cameras and the public at bug jam 2009 this weekend coming. come see the action and say hi, i'll be out of their way selling t-shirts :-)


simon on the left and crazy go joe tow on the right whoose kindly sponsored the new jge radar wheels for the bug jam tv bus


jared getting seasick steves new back brakes on after he had a new eye fitted :-)

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:) I remember this bus, I used to have it and I loved it so much:)) we had a very good memories with my friends :)

Posted by: Gabriel Celibataire | 07/15/2009

Not the best photo of me, Cheers Beaks!!!

Posted by: Joe | 07/16/2009

hey joe its not that bad. its the one i have of you above my bed :-0

Posted by: beaker | 07/16/2009

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