t2d bug jam tv make over bay is on da fff loor


matt b had the t2d bug jam tv make over bay back on its wheels this morning


good honest t2d hard slam for the time being


it was going to be all wiggy wiggy warh warh with some fancy balls type of suspension but time doesn't allow


about 2 minutes after i took this it was back up in the air and matt was underneath getting friendly with the welder


can you see balls


chris' green 03 had its final pre hand back buff today. looks good with its el tell blended paint and panel gap tweak plus new ignition and interior work with a peter b reconditioned speedo, which looks pretty hot diggidy


charlie of charlesborough had the two litre auto bays new engine all running today


jared getting his urrrrhhhhh face into action pushing jons back on the ramp after a ramp service and tune up today.

Copy of DSC09504

in the shadows lurks the craig mate getting his floor sealer on





One sick slammed euraly bay guys!
Really awesome! Cheers, Niels

Posted by: Niels - AirMighty.com | 07/16/2009

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