eurpean bug-in 2009 best of show


looks like paul matt and jared are coming home with a nice trophy. the kerb snake won best of show :-) how cools that. good work to all involved

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wooh woo! congrats lads, well worthy winner!

Posted by: Rab C | 07/05/2009

congratulation !!

Posted by: Tom | 07/06/2009

I didn't expect anything else ;-D - congrats!

Posted by: Jana | 07/06/2009

hey thanks for all your kind comments guys :-)
mucho greetso from beak o

Posted by: beaker | 07/06/2009

congratulations !! it's a amazing car, during the week end i have take a lot of picture and i have never seen the same car !! perfect, fantastic job !!!!!!
good job guys !!!!

Posted by: tof'n'family | 07/10/2009

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