more from t2d at european bug-in 3


pauls been sending some cool pics over via the phone. thanks paul. check that t2d slam products banner. how cool is that. big thanks to mandy and neil at prosign for their hard work on both the banner and the t2d trophies. and big thanks to their guy for taking the massive banner out there. :-)


the t2d/ k&k/ java jge trade area this morning. kerb snake looking nice and shaded


da da da da da dar dyno don has big love for the matt balls


and matt getting much love from monica, kobus' other half


magna beaver getting the full del paul sales treatment. "come here big boy"


scoottaay scotty telling us something maybe. respect yo nan and lov yo nan real good :-) for sure


even birthday weekend boy jareds doing ok. aaaalllllllllllllllright gig iddy gig iddy gig

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oooooo aaaaaaah! sup mr B,
young jarad been on da garingo?????
big smiles all round.............
looks like mr p has a lamb chop glued to his cheek! :-)
i've got the key of the church, neil's da man.
maybe this time next week i'll be cruisin eh????

Posted by: Rab C | 07/04/2009

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