vibronissitillicious gone be-army


brian went all barmy and got his chilli bus steering box lifted by the balls today. no more clonking or scrapping on bri's bus www.chilli-gone-barmy.co.uk


'ol yella bay got some bling foooks fitted today then its just a case of the waxoil and its done


robs new ceramic header and muff got fitted today,  whoops ler :-)


i took claires bessie bay for a wer-obble over to the one we call 'ol el tell who resides in bell


and i collected the green oh thrice today, which had been over having some tell blend'n. i gotta say the tell does some terry-tistical work. tells loves his match to the point of obbsession :-) a bit t c d even


balls in action


who be this enjoying a nice cuppa cappa

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oooooo aaaaaaah! the sun has got his hat on!
almost there, friday within my sights...................
stroll on my blogging mate.
where's the shots of your t3 whip?
bring her to my table ;-)

Posted by: Rab C | 06/25/2009

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