mondays madnissitty


more hectic biddyness in the workshops and its only monday


the dav bay is in up and engine fan being stripped, wheels are off for a re rimmin'


charlies got ol yella stripped for the lowering to commence and another for a rim upgrade


matt in his natural domain, under a van getting it some low


seen the balls bay and the balls himself then why not show your love and get a balls steekor for your van and a balls t for yo self www.type2detectives.com


or show the love for t2d and or beakersblog.com. email or bell us up 0044 (0) 1638 743211


super skinny dan t was in to show his love for balls


not long now folks till the euro bug-in 3 in chimmay. t2d & t3d are proud sponsors of the ebi3 and will defo see yo there http://bugin.skynetblogs.be/ 


ashleys has been out on a test and its all good


mikes is back for its first 500 mile service. only another 500 and he can unleash da beast


speesters sounding sweet again and with no more leaky leaks to worry about


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back balls luvin! i'll have a balls sticker please!
just cut the grass, is that the time?
watch out i'll be down before you know it!
keep up the bloggin spanner fingers...................
if the shoe fits ;-)

Posted by: Rab C | 06/22/2009

no worries mr of richie we'll hook u up for sure
i love beakersblog
beaks with greets

Posted by: beaker | 06/23/2009

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