more from budel 2009


oh snap, well nearly. pauls been sending more pics over from budel of all the good stuff we're missing. the euro version of my one year only square but on og burners. nice huh


pauls got some help selling the t's from miss european bug-in monica. and showing off the new i love matt balls stickers, theres much love for matt balls :-)


and thanks to kinky mick its not just matt who got some love. cant wait to see the t2d nan love ones :-o


bobs got one :-) aaaaaayyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiittttttttttttttt


one on one restorations steve gilbert with his bug of the show, he's building something similar for himself as soon as his back in the u of k


cool hi - top bay mull window

good work to puppy paul pmed for the updates, keep em coming

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