busier than a pimp with an ot ooooker


baaaammm grey panel down. hell yeah,  thats more like it


front to back our burh jared has done it all. top work j to the a rad


matt taking it out for a test ride


charlies of chuckles charles had ashleys van in up and engine out, then g box and reduction boxes out


then the charlie pre built new box and brake set up was slipped in this afternoon with a little help from craig mate


balls has just been a blur all day, not only running the very busy workshop but also getting project bay tv together.

pauls off to budel this weekend so if your over there be sure to pop and say hi and maybe get some t2d for your vw. or some t2d wear for yo'self. wish i was there but we more flat out than an oooker on a friday night :-)


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