fridays madness ess


super cool late bay in for a real mild tickle.


loving the colours on it. cant beat a bit o brown (hey fernando)


charlie chuckles of charles getting the job jobbed. craig mate in the background going back in the blast room with some spindles


they dont all come out of t2d decked


matts been getting lisas new safaris fitted


tha d boy dan getting his new engine built ready for a ride over to portugal. have fun d and see yo soon


the baby blue bay has been having some work done for that dreaded mot


ohh check ma new rims. first part done, some bbs rims i had lying around now fitted with some 165/50/15s ready for the coil overs. thanks to matt and paul as per usual and hopefully tomorrow matt is going to do what matt do best. master the stance and give it balls hard slam :-) i'm going to alive and dubbin' so won't see the magic happen.


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