stoner park


it was stoner park this weekend, well i didn't go so heres a few from the last time i did back in the 06 when t2d had recently built the rusty bus


back in the days of milk. with a what if milky had rikki james' hair shot. damn that milk loved that tacky suit


milky entered the mr stoner park and won it. he got 2 alcohol based prizes, one to drink and one to make you smell nice, well normal folk, the milk necked them both. at least he lost the brad breath for about 10 minutes


it must have been a long time ago, pauls merc still wears its original wheel trims, they soon went


shortly after stoner the army green kab was made


and the soon to become "hippy tosser" before the 17" brms went on and the hammer was used to preddy it up some


and alex still had the hair :-)

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