tha mo hoe


some day soon i'm gonna pull me back out and use it.  need to get it sorted. new screen and some minor paint work needed. got the bel tels name all over it :-)


these are from they last year. damm been a while since she was back. needs some narrowed front end and more slammin'. is it going to get it, hell no :-) it still only done fiddy five on they clock, beaks roll o.e baby fo sure

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mo ho! lookin sweet mr beaks!
get it oot and hit with the balls stick ;-)
see ya real soon for sure................

Posted by: Rab C | 05/25/2009

thanks richie. would love to let the balls loose on it :-) one day maybe
greets to you all the way up thar

Posted by: beaker | 05/26/2009

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