beaks meet tha po leeece


i had an interesting and some what more expensive than usual journey home this evening. i thought i was being followed then the blues and twos fired up and he pulled me over. bugger got me banged to rights its a fair cop an all that. seems i'd left my german style show plates on after a recent show, my bad :-), but they were soon swapped for more friendly ones, i still caught a fine but hey hoo you lives and learns :-) he was actually an alright chap, i've met worse, at least the gloves weren't needed this time :-o

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bugger did your botty play a high pitched toon when you knew it was you dey was after? did you throw the baggy out da winda? lucky beaks you are he he

Posted by: roger | 05/22/2009

hey roger nah none of that pal

hows the land of thai, still checking them sexy thai girls, you know the ones you like with the sexy man bits too :-) he he

Posted by: beaker | 05/22/2009

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