wheelerdealer barndoor quarter mile action

as with every time we see the wheelerdealer cru it was an absolute pleasure :-)

it was even better seeing the guys do some quick times on the strip on saturday, best i saw was a 12.7 quarter but i didn't get that on camera but i did get the next run which was only a 13.5 :-o. awesome work tom and da prez www.wheelerdealer.de

more from big bang 2009 tomorrow


too much time! ahh mr beaks,
lets see what ye got!
good to see ye again and i'm back on da blog..............
where's the lady shots, i'm burstin. ;-) lol
yassss man hands in da air, yee haa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: sheena sauna lips | 04/27/2009

good work sheena ;-) glad yo back. twas good to see the scottish chapter at the weekend

see yous soon
southeren greets from beaks

Posted by: beaker | 04/27/2009

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