green day, new bays, old dobber ya cobber


awaiting us this morning, oh eight late brasillian bay which is in for some t2d ride refinement. lowered rear and link pin disc dropped spindles up front


the hambo had to have a test today. always a nervy time getting ya own mot, but it got a green one, pheeeewwwwwwww


then i was straight back in the war bus. luckily it was peace man, like far out


when i got back to t2d hq the charlie had the orange bay back down


and he was already getting the yellow late oh eight strippppped


craig mate getting the air rider bay stripped ready for the t2d beam sorting to take place


matt and jared got the split slider down and out once the rear bumper was refitted


brians gone barmy in the chilli bus with new toys in readiness for stanford hall 2009. if your going be sure to go try some barmy chilli :-)



Vanagon Grill Would you happen to know where I can buy a new black Vanagon grill such as the on the ambulance?

I have been searching the world wide internet for a clean one without chrome but can't find one unfortunately.

I mean this one: http://blogsimages.skynet.be/images_v2/002/539/478/20090420/dyn010_original_640_480_pjpeg_2539478_d8f2c728de972bab069a2afc8d089c50.jpg

Cheers, mine is broken so would like to screw in a fresh one.


Posted by: DVDK | 04/28/2009

hey i just had mine painted to look like new, i would suggest maybe some forums here such as http://www.club80-90.co.uk/ or http://www.brick-yard.co.uk/ for a good used item then have it painted :-)
good luck
greets from beaks

Posted by: beaker | 04/28/2009

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