when shows go bad


checking back through the beakersblog.com archives the other day i noticed some photos have gone (that u mike ;-) ) . we went to a show that was promised to be a good un with a chilled out vibe but it was too chilled for people to buy stuff so we spent the saturday enjoying bright coloured alco pops that resulted in paul and steve having a good old sign song-along. the night ended quite badly with everyone in our plush hotel room being woken to the sound of running water. luckily it wasn't a burst pipe, just a burst milky :-o


looking for that extreme fun included top box stair time trials and some fun but short laps of the mini moto circuit!!


and for me the high light was meeting the lead singer of freak 1 c whose t-shirt i'd just acquired from the good folks at brads, well i think he was the lead singer and not just a roadie

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