i've been, again,  checking out niels www.airmighty.com 's photos from the volksworld show 2009. hes got a good one of me with me small one out, don't worry i've had an enlargement recently :-o. click da pic to see the neils mighty voo woo shots. and be sure to check his you tube here www.youtube.com/airmighty for some cool vid- ya -ho action


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Nice to see a good looking blog that isn't just photos stolen from the W.W.W. Keep up the good work. Dougal

Posted by: Dougal | 04/06/2009

thanks doug a doug a doug a dougal
been a while dude. still gettin' ya chrome e ffect on ?
old skool greets from beaks

Posted by: beaker | 04/06/2009

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