dem o day at type 2 detectives this weekend


we've got us a little demo day coming up this saturday :-o showing the diy'er how to go the dropped spindle route with your bay window. we will be starting with a stocker much like the prosign bay above then we will let the ballz and his boyz loose on it


each stage will be gone over in detail with any questions answered. plus a lovely buffett style lucheon.


at the end of the day it will look like this, low but with full travel suspension up front to soak up those bumps. be sure to call for more info 01638 743 211. i'll be there getting some pics and hope to see ya there.

neil and mandy from prosign will also be there doing what they do best with a signwriting demo. massive thanks to them for coming up especially so soon after the volksworld show.


brians gone chilli barmy bus is at prosign now getting the logo added and will be back at t2d for the weekend, so if you need some cool catering needed have a chat with brian and to see more from prosign go to http://prosign.skynetblog.be/ 


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I might pop over for a scotch egg and some cheese and pineapple sticks from your buffet.
not having a barbecue are ya?
bollocks to your barbie yeahhhh
your buffet sounds better

Posted by: Paul | 04/03/2009

be good to have the barners in da place.
its a well posh buffett, pork scratchings, rola cola only the best :-)

Posted by: beaker | 04/03/2009

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