kerb snake pics no more teaser this is the pleaser in full


its done, its finished ready for the off tomorrow.  big ups big ups to all who built the snake, paul and matt ballz, gav at trailer queen restos who did body paint, disco steve for pan paint and wheel detail, el tell from bell for all his help and to all of the guys at t2d, charlie jared aidan and recent recuit brent. top job and check www.t2d-blog.com for more


i have alot of pics from the build up that i will post up some time soon


my favourite angle


squareblack is being loaded tonight for an early delivery


and the third ve - hicle we got ready was brians chilli gone barmy bus (on right) and brians brother john (on left) has a few nos vw parts for sale so if you need some nos john could well help so .........................


 ........email or bell him up and say beaker sent ya :-) also be sure to check brians new website that will be launching when the bus is all sign written up by prosign, or try some food at stanford hall this year


and matt in his never ending quest for the lowest is having a play with his body dropped bay ready for the voo woo so be sure to check it out

see ya there

and remember kids if you use them please link them ;-)


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Ouch! awesome overall stuff, this Brasilia is SICK woaow, can't wait to see it this week-end B-)

Posted by: viNce from France | 03/26/2009

Mental a pigalle Brazillia !!!! Good work guys.

Posted by: nidge | 03/26/2009

Yeah! Coool build! I puted up some pix and a link over at: www.meanbugs.com

Spark it OR park it!

Posted by: Martin H | 03/27/2009

hey thanks to everyone for the nice comments and links. thankyou
greets from beaks

Posted by: beaker | 03/30/2009

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