all about dat mo-bis-idy


the first thing i clapped my eyes on this mo ning was ballz' new rimz looking fee- att fo' sure. matts done a blinda getting his bay ready for the ninove cruise, late nights and early mornings is dedication baby but its not quite ready yet, the air fluid dis-e-placement is getting the mrk2 version sorted tonight and then he has to make a new front seat ! and all this while being 'kin busy in his day job, its all gone manic at the mo :-)  good work matt b and be sure to check it if yo in da ninove this weekend. and a massive big up to the rest of the team t2d, running up hill backwards ain't easy but hell are we travelling some :-)


safaris open on route to the mot shop to get carls done. hey its a hard life


job jobbed too and a green one got


then back down in the yellow ex aussie bay


carls got a second coat of the good stuff along with the bright work wheels and the hot shine added to the tyres then the interior got some fluff n' , tomorrow the 'ooverin and its ready for that cruise we doing


nearly done thanks for the kind words, it's all bout them fans

Posted by: ballz | 03/11/2009

Keep up the great work Mr Beaker and Mr Ballz, i'm your biggest fan. Loving both of your work, Matt on the rides and Beaker for his lovely blog, photos and words. My wife and I are really looking forward to meeting you on Sunday and sharing a few moment of your precious time.

Posted by: Adrain Pezzo | 03/11/2009

"be sure to check it if yo in da ninove this weekend",i will definitely do that, it's really the lowest bay on earth. good work guys

Posted by: air-mike | 03/12/2009


Posted by: T2D PAUL | 03/12/2009

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