getting it on


the ex t3d pao is back in the place for a real short stay, then its off to the shop of klok


simon from absolute vw was in today setting the wheels in motion to become an offical t2d stockist so if your in or around derby simons your man. for more from absolute vw go check out http://www.absolutevw.co.uk/ 


the green '03 is back from the trimmers with the first stage complete and as ever looking mighty fine, ballz custom front seats next


carls 15 is coming together nicely nice with the polished trim on, oil breather out back and the carrera grills on. want some carrera grills for yours www.type2detectives.com bell us up yo'lllll


not long now until the t2d crusie to nin nin ninove. anything you want us to bring with be sure to call. otherwise see ya next friday night in kent :-)


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