t3d @ voo woo over da years


some t3d voo woo cars. back in the '04 the brian burrows commissioned "squarerra"


again a brian burrows car but his '69 that saw the squarerra come back to t3d in exchange in the '05


and a t2d built for brian again samba again in '05


in '06 it was the anti -shine time and the rust bus was built. also used as the t2d hotel at the voo woo.


then it was back to the shiney with the squareblack a top 10 winner and very near best of show too


and last year was russel ritchies panel back which was another top 20 (it all changed) winner. i went and checked out this years project earlier and it put a big 'ol smile on my face, your gonna love it :-)

see ya at the voo woo '09

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