jabbasport visit today


i 've been deep into the fens today to pay a visit to jabbasport forced induction specialists


the dailys had one of those annoying glitches that got sorted and while i was there i thought it rude not to get a remap. so after a little play with the computers i've now got 215 bhp with  about 215lb ft of torque :-) what can i say, i drove home with a big 'ol smile and it goes like it always should have and i'm glad i got a snooper too :-0


always some cool rides around


micheal the remap meister runs round in this big stock looking skoda 1.9 estate but with 275bhp to play with. now that must be great fun


they certainly know their stuff, just check all the trophies from the vw racing cup series

for more visit www.jabbasport.com they come beakersblog.com recommended


and on the way home. not sure if he wanted to do that !!


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