split screen oddity in at t2d


brians odd box was collected from the docks today.


in from aus via the usa. the gwal was in collecting parts when it arrived, he wanna put a big 'un in.


the pink ones ready to go now its got some proper mechanics, we found some eye openers :-0


down at zee cars kens bay window all mot'd and back on the road


it used to look like this back in late '07. good work ken

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Hello my little ginger friend, I hope to see you in Norway again so we can both swim naked in the fjord again like we did back in 2006


Posted by: Per Hangreen | 01/30/2009

hey per. i think you'll find that was you and puppy paul. i just laid on the bank and watched :-o

greets from beeks

Posted by: beaker | 01/31/2009

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