old school peter day


peter day, t2d's machinist extraordinaire lent me some cool literature covering some of his old exploits. this is his old fiat 500 "mighty mouse" running a gordon allen 2 cylinder 850cc bda motor (well half a bda), producing 115bhp. he used to race the motor in a mini then built the fiat and swapped the motor between the two cars until it died.


peter set many a lap record in the mighty mouse and was a bit of a "hand". the short exhaust helped get the motor from 63bhp to 115bhp but a rule change banned it!


peters old race mini, which he used to lap most of the competition with on his way to many race victories


and peter days mate peter baldwin whos our rolling road expert racing his mini against a mad special type 3 fastback.


and a japanese magazine feature on peters old lotus dealership and tuning company daytune. how cools that parts shop


and one of the workshops (modern & classic) with jim clarks yellow elan in. and now peter works on volkswagen stuff, he does the t2d dropped spindles amongst other things. we are very lucky to have such an experienced guy working with us, i love hearing all the old school stories over a cuppa, good times

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