memory lane from euro '04


marcos slammed bay at euro '04. we were talking last week with marco and niels about it and i knew i had a photo.


euro '04 was an awesome show, a great place to see some sweet welsh regina


a bit of inspiration for paul ;-) just think more patina


back in the days of dj ben the sven laying it down large style


and check the selectahair glowing in the sun, bet it don't do that now rich :-)


and paul used to cruise in the yella merc, we brought the square next to it back, which turned out to be more rot than mad  :-O

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The good old days... ...damn now you got me looking back in my Gallery.
Check out the link to my pics of VW Euro '04... good times! :D

Cheers, Niels - www.AirMighty.com

Posted by: Niels - AirMighty.com | 01/22/2009

cool will do. good work


Posted by: beaker | 01/22/2009

Euro 04 was a crackin' show. Good , Good times! File 101 is my yellow squareback.

Posted by: nidge | 01/23/2009

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