ballz t2d tubbin;


another early morning visit from mr joe g this time with wayne macs squareblack in readiness for a visit from wayne mac. good to see you today wayne and see you again real soon


matt had fun at marks hot rod shop last night making jakes tubbs


and he especially liked the curves. he love the curves he do  ;-)


then he was off with the welder


rubba dubba love dem tubba s


simons dc now all tuned up and judging by matts smile-om-itor it goes ok and remember always wash that road salt off those polished rims kids


jays panel van got an mot today. been a while since i've seen the mot mark but as ever a pleasure. tomorrow its off to see peter at the rollers for a good leg stretch


and another visit from mr joe g this evening with a blast from the past, an old t3d fasty that was bought back in '97 from cali when a bunch of us went on a bit of a misson over there, good times and happy memories




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