hot german number


so last day of the 08 ........


we started today with a visit from one of our special german friends chris bugwelder . always a pleasure to have the bugwelder in da house, and at the curry house last night :-) see ya soon honeypie sugar lips


and cool decked e46 tourer spotted on route to the airport with chris


jareds been doing the jared thing and getting simons dc dc'd, box in


then the t2d built mild 2007 went in. be good to see it on the rollers, a mild t2d 2007 should be good for 140 horse at the wheels :-)


charlie had the beigeback engine out for some detailn' of the bay


and thats the oh eight nearly done so a massive 'appy new year to all out there in compooter land from me da beaks and lets hope the oh nine is as rewarding ;-)

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