happy christmas from beakersblog



happy christmas and festive cheer to one and all from me da beaks.

thanks for visiting beakersblog.com and keep coming back. see ya soon


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oi oi Beakerclas' have a goodn' dude and remember to share this xmas ;)

Posted by: J | 12/25/2008

MERRY CHRIMBO! aw da best da beaks.............

Posted by: richierich | 12/25/2008

you have got to love that santa... Best wishes from belgium.

Posted by: air-mike | 12/25/2008

on da WAY ::: see you on 30th...
take care

Posted by: bugwelder-Chris | 12/25/2008

me con go t you plase on teusday t sea you bekaker end Puppy cen you peck me up? sTENSTED

Posted by: magne | 12/25/2008

thanks to all for your kind comments. yeah magne bell us up no worries :-) got my number right if not call pauls on

Posted by: beaker | 12/26/2008

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