slam slam slam guru'


petes mango van got the mot today and is ready to go back down south. it drives really nice with a new steering rack fitted and a super smooth t2d comfy ride. don't bounce roll smooth yo'll



and speaking of t2d slam products another box full for them kraz- eee kieft en klok boys. it'll be there soon boys as always an absolute pleasure. see ya real soon for sure real good


alex got seans new motor fitted today. won't be long till the burnout vidyo sean ;-)


through the burner can ya see him, its the lesser spotted charl- ayyyeeee (said in the g-style )


tells in to do some on the slamfaliabay tomorrow so it can roll to da ace while saturday. come see it there with da ballz bodybay. the low bay boyz

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Burn out Burnout yo recon, not exactly a BWA ya no.

Posted by: Sean | 11/04/2008

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