rollin road session


i took martins squareback to peter baldwins today for a rolling road session and supertune


he's a proper old school tuner and certainly knows his stuff


having a play with the throttle linkage before the fun starts


the road a matic tells it all. after the first run to set the timming it was developing 114bhp at the flywheel then after some tuning it was hitting 138 bhp at the flywheel which is about 115 bhp at the wheels. all from a mild gwal built 2007cc with no massive head work and an engle 120 cam with webber 40's. peter was impressed with it, good work as ever the gwal.


i had great fun over there and learnt a lot. in 2 weeks russels panelback goes for a sesh, can't wait :-)


peters mini miglia race car. he's a bit of a hand judging by all the winners laurels. race and championships. hhhhmmm should i get my mini outta storage for some engine work :-)

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proper peter person!!! hey mr b,
thats some old skool machinery goin down!
old boy knows da score........right?
want an ice-cream?!!!!!!!!!
yee ha i'm workin....................well was!
laters dude ;-) ;-) ;-)

Posted by: richie | 10/09/2008

yup he right back there in the days
no ice cream here fella :-)
hey good news mr richie well hopefully.
take it easy dude

Posted by: beaker | 10/09/2008

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