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i've been checkin' out the vwultra website today, they got an up coming feature on some of the vw blogs out there in net world land. da http://www.beakersblog.com/  the http://www.t3dblog.com/ and bens http://callookvw.skynetblogs.be/ get a little mention and link so thanks the vw ultra team for that. and i'm looking forward to seeing the feature in an upcoming mag :-)

click tha pic to see the ultra website


and looks who's not dead :-O. hoodride is alive and well. click tha pic to go see. hey thanks for the link guys :-) and always remember no huckin' tyh

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it sucks !! This is not an hoodride website. No feeling. Just stolen pictures and advertising everywhere. Just piece of shit.

Posted by: Coast | 10/03/2008

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