squareblack back in @ t3d hq


the squareblack was back in today, wayne was on route to the vw ultra show in reading tomorrow


its coming back soon though for some for t3d goodies


the car still looks awesome especially on the irish plates

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supa car in hideing!!!!!!!! is that a lotus exige hideing in da photies?

is it in for a slammin by the king!

luvin da colour..................

whoz it belong to?

nosey ba$%^rd i here you call!!!!!!!!

yee ha iiiiii love da sunday sun in glesga!

Posted by: richie | 09/28/2008

thats the t3d saturday boy extraordinaire edd's. its number 1 of 25 made in that colour. real nice. might be for sale :-)

Posted by: beaker | 09/28/2008

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