big an' hot

forgot i had this vidja from a while ago. can't remember the driver though some crazy fool no doubt ;-)


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The dogs expression made me laugh!!! didn't look too impressed!

Posted by: phil | 09/24/2008

smokin!!!!! that mr p up to da old tricks again!!!!!
demo car?????
keep up da good work mr b,
see ya soon.
richie :-)

Posted by: richie | 09/24/2008

hey phil
the dog loves the burnouts, he just wished he was in the van at the time :-)

Posted by: beaker | 09/24/2008

hey richie rich
i couldn't possibly comment on the driver ;-)
but yeah

Posted by: beaker | 09/24/2008

lmao :-)......................
richie rich!!!!!!! ha ha, i'll craic da jokes ;-)

Posted by: richie | 09/24/2008

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