two'd times


brendans got a new t2d 4" beam fitted with some t2d dropped spindles and soon to be fitted gas shocks for that comfortable ride, no bobbing and crashing with this set up just a smooth glide ride. its also got that all important csp dual circuit conversion, a must have.


s' what i'm talkin' bout


jared and ginger ballz having fun with the army crew


and ballzey has been developing something special for jacks bug today, all one off stuff and remember who did it first. t2d thats who as per hey t y h ;-).


alex has got himself something to race at the weekends. an 07 caterham 7 race/ road car. its tiny and don't weigh uck all which equals fast smiles, if ya can get in it!! no good for me i'm real man sized :-). yeah

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