three down thursday


the right had drive six five now back on its stock rims and almost ready to go


irs with dropped spindles up front. off for an mot but it won't be mark cause he's on his holidays. have fun mot mark


damos bay had its new t2d link pin beam fitted today with t2d slam arms


word up gee. gee was in today lending a helping hand, much better than army hey gee


new signage up in the workshop. i can never remember the web address what is it ! and check the petay making some new t2d dropped spindle bushes or is it some t2d custom track arms. new t2d & t3d websites coming soon, the compooter boffs have been locked in a dark room now and aren't allowed out until its ready :-)

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new web site, nice!

spoke to ben and its sorted, ooohhhhh....................

watch for da fiddla........ ha ha ha!

todaloo da noo,
richie ;-)

Posted by: richie | 08/14/2008

good to hear richie :-)
he's been round again!! wasn't me :-)
take it easy fella

Posted by: beaker | 08/15/2008

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