walz hardcore cycles in da house


marcus walz from walz hardcore cycles was in today discussin a special project. he's showing peter whos a big name in yamaha race bikes what he does. damn marcus has built some proper hard bikes and when the worlds best bike builder needs a bus he comes to t2d. says it all :-) go check what marcus does here http://www.walz-hardcore-cycles.com/ 


lukes brown one now sitting alot better.


ed popped ova in his 'rrado with funky painted rims.


el tell was in again today this time on his latest ride, marcus was keen on doing some stunts but terrys still running it in :-( next time though hey terry

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Yes a extra Special KCM cruise in night is planned on thursday evening 22 of august this is one day before The Bug-Show starts on the new location in Brustem base St truiden Belgium. This cruise in night is especially for all the people who want to come earlier to The Bug show . But the gates from bug show on the air base wil be opened on friday 23 augustus from 9.00 am.

So if you want to come earlier to the bug show vissit than our special KCM cruise in night @ the geusselt parking in Maastricht ! We cant spent the night together @ the geusselt parking our some wherelse near the belgium border and on fridaymornig we drive in a convoi to the Bugshow This is a nice pitstop if you come from far !

Hope to se you there !
more info Http://kcm.skynetblogs.be

Posted by: Bjorn en Stefanie | 07/31/2008

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