works down menzies gets his shoes from the chemist


el tell t3d's singing body expert was in and on the panel today


inner and outer sill plus some outrigga action too


lukes engine and tank out


martins square on the ramp and then jared had the engine and box out


pauls latest trophy plate straight outta tha kiln, paul does all his own pottery. he was inspired by his mostest favourite of actors patrick swayzee from that film where he played a dead dude. don't get him started on that other one! the one with the dancing, oh my god do he love that one. be warned!! he he hey paul

the trophy is for the german run-to-the-sun organised by the blue oyster king chris bugwelder. have fun chris and if ya round that way pop in to the show its gonna be da bomb 



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dude how do i get those links with the pics ?????on the left or right

Posted by: marcel | 07/28/2008

Thanks Boyz.
oyster bar chief says thanx to da great t2d- crew ovathere , nice to her that paul is on a trip of self finding by doing pottery maybe with the feets...
good to hear
all the best see ya hope fully soon and lately on rtts 2009

cheers flavio-tiki

Posted by: bugwelder-Chris | 07/29/2008

Puppy Love Tell Paul i am a big fan too, i have all his Tshirts, mugs and coasters, he can come to LA to play ghost with my pottery any time

Posted by: Patrick | 07/31/2008

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